Photo by Pamela Booker


Rooting Where’s Your Tree?

Where’s Your Tree?an artist-initiated eco-project explores the partnering of art and natural resources as mediating tools in the face of historic, environmental ruin of the planet and black and brown lives.  Part of this work is to remember the sustainable applications that our ancestors practiced, lifetimes before this country’s “founding,” and to know they are readily accessible to us now. 

How we tell our stories maps the vast terrain of expression in our quest for sustainable art practices. My interdisciplinary work is shaped and informed by the creative, in partnership with cultural inquiry, race/gender and social identities, through divergent storytelling styles.

Interdisciplinary Writing-Performance Artist. Educator. Urban Grower.

My practices are informed and shaped by the overlappings of art, education, social justice, identity, nature, and mindfulness techniques. Like many of you, over the years, I have been both seduced and liberated by an explosive list of issues that compete for my attention and advocacy. In response to these calls, I approach my creative work as a form of “artivism,” which grapples with how to produce adaptable, functional and useful outcomes. In my experience, social justice partnered with creative investigation requires that we be prepared to reframe our learning methods and instruments of change. I also teach writing at New York University and was a former Core Faculty at Goddard College. From my students, I’ve learned to affirm the rapturous, ah-ha! moments that emerge from acts of accountability and kindness.

More recent publications and performance projects include: 

"Marquee Poems" - Produced by SAINT FLASHLIGHT @ NITEHAWK CINEMA, Park Slope Brooklyn

"Cranky Chariots" Akashic Books (flash fiction story)

Anthropology of Consciousness, Wiley 

Blacktino-Queer-Performance, Duke Univ Press 

For Whom It Stands, The Flag and the American People. Selected photograph. Group Show cited a “A Top Ten Must-See Exhibit,” at the Smithsonian Affiliate-Reginald F. Lewis Museum, Baltimore. 

LIVE ART Queens Museum, NY 

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