Dust: murmurs and a play

Dust: murmurs and a play

More a philosophical crafting of body and race, Dust: murmurs and a play provides a course of recognition that is equal parts critical, performative, and personal, in the years following 9-11. The piercing critical essays are anchored by the play Dust , an imaginative chronicling of how two war-weary women, one African-American, the other Afghani, survive political betrayals. In linked accord, these creative examinations speak passionately to issues that reflect our complicated epoch of terror, globalism, love and healing.


The fierce and intrepid intellectualism of Dust: murmurs and a play provide a new generation of readers and intellectuals, if they have the courage to look, with a searing new vision of the world. She is imagining and then writing what has silenced less determined voices. Her work is NEW. She stands on a nation’s, a race’s, shoulders and shouts out her truths! Her work commands a place in the new American theater!

Sapphire, author of  the award-winning novel PUSH and  film Precious.


“Pamela S. Booker writes with patience and poise about a world careening about her in tatters. Her plays and prose extend the line of beauty we hear in a Jessye Norman aria, or see split into prismatic colors in Adrian Piper’s recent paintings. Art and philosophy, blackness and feminism, tranquility and incandescence; these and other false oppositions meet and are transfigured in this timely and important work.”

Tavia Nyong’o, Performance Studies, New York University.


“Dust: murmurs and a play is a collection of essays and an experimental theatrical narrative that takes flight and soars. The essays are crystalline and laser precise. She parses the complex, paradoxical issues we all face in the aftermath (aftermess) of 9-11, through work that is a dynamic theoretical map that addresses the contested terrain of image vs. identity.” 

Meg McHutchison, Interdisciplinary Artist.


“Pamela Booker has created a lyrical and stirring account of one woman’s hallucinatory journey of post-traumatic dreams and transformations. The play Dust challenges our understanding of the Western gaze and brings dimension and dignity to those nameless, exploited icons, seeking recognition and justice.”

Talvin Wilks, Director/Dramaturg.

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